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Stork Plastics Machinery Stork Plastics Machinery (SPM) has designed, manufactured and sold injection moulding machines since 1965. Worldwide thousands of Stork injection moulding machines have been installed and for all those machines our service department can be contacted in case support is needed.
This could mean support by telephone, the delivery of spare parts or sending over one of the service engineers to solve a problem on site. To give optimal support, the service department has to meet the following conditions:
  • Service-engineers with a good education, a lot of practical experience who have been trained, by practice, inside the SPM organisation.
  • Extensive knowledge of the machine functions and the machine parts.
  • Perfect spare part stock and well functioning stock management
  • Reliable information system of all relevant customer and machine data.
Stork service

Our service department is run by people who have a long experience in servicing injection moulding machines, in support by telephone as well as direct servicing at the customers site. These specialists have the capacity and the dedication to meet our objectives:
  • In case of a breakdown immediate assistance available.
  • If necessary, within 24 hours assistance at the customers site.
Stock parts A well organised stock supply makes it possible to fulfil our objectives. Our storage has most parts in stock for the service of Stork machines.
SPM has developed a very well functioning information system, which is used continuously by the service department. In this "Service Information System" the following data is stored:
  • The full technical specification of all installed Stork machines. This contains the original specification as well as all the modifications, which have been installed after delivery. All the drawings are digitally stored and are directly accessible by this system.
  • All the relevant data of the customer.
  • Every breakdown of a machine.
The most important information for SPM, as well as for the customer, is the database with breakdowns. These breakdowns are stored per machine and per customer (including which actions have been taken to solve them). All service-activities, carried-out by SPM, are stored. The time between the first call and the problem solving is measured and stored. An enormous advantage of this system is the fact that the whole history of a machine is directly available. This information is used to start up actions to improve the performance of our machines. When, for example, it appears that at a certain customer the amount of hydraulic failures is disproportionally high, the advice could be to change the oil and/or install an micro filtration system on the machine.

Because of the fact that the complete technical execution of the machine is known, SPM has an indispensable tool to solve problems very quickly.

Beside this, the system is of great help to generate the specification for new machines for specific customers, based on their needs. Because of its high level of technical know-how and the quick response time, the service department of SPM has an excellent reputation at our customers.

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Stork Plastics Machinery B.V. hat eine eigene Strategie. Dies resultiert in innovative Entwürfe von Spritzgießmaschinen, die sich von andere Hersteller wesentlich unterscheiden. Unsere Maschinen sind führend in Geschwindigkeit, Zuverlässichkeit und niedrigem Energieverbrauch. Stork baut eine Spritzgießmaschine nach maß. Das gibt unsere Kunden die Möglichkeit sich im Markt zu unterscheiden. Kunden wie Polimoon, Jokey, Schoeller Arcor Systems, Superfos, Vadeal, Didak, HK-Plasitcs , Dijkstra Plastics, Thrace haben hier gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Stork Plastics Machinery überzeugt durch optimale Zusammenarbeit. Firmen wie Van den Velde Engineering, Loomans Plastics, Van den Brink, Suhling, Ronetic, Pierik, Wittmann, Reis können Ihnen davon Berichten. Stork ist ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert, und garantiert somit hohe Qualität seiner Produkte. Stork hat mehrere Bauhreihen geführt. So wie die TD, TDS, ST, SX und SX-S Maschinen. Jetzt sind die N und S+ Baureihen lieferbar. Stork Plastics Machinery liefert die folgende Maschinengrößen: 75 Tonnen, 100 Tonnen, 110 Ton, 120 Tonnen, 125 Tonnen, 130 Tonnen, 140 Tonnen, 150 Tonnen, 160 Tonnen, 170 Tonnen, 175 Tonnen, 180 Tonnen, 190 Tonnen, 200 Tonnen, 250 Tonnen, 300 Tonnen, 330 Tonnen, 350 Tonnen, 400 Tonnen, 440 Tonnen, 450 Tonnen, 500 Tonnen, 550 Tonnen, 600 Tonnen, 650 Tonnen, 660 Tonnen, 700 Tonnen, 750 Tonnen, 800 Tonnen, 900 Tonnen, 1000 Tonnen, 1100 Tonnen, 1200 Tonnen, 1300 Tonnen, 1400 Tonnen, 1500 Tonnen, 1600 Tonnen, 1700 Tonnen, 1800 Tonnen, 1900 Tonnen, 2000 Tonnen, 2200 Tonnen, 2400 Tonnen. 3000 Tonnen.