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Stork Plastics Machinery develops, builds, sells and services injection moulding machines. Our site provides information about recent product developments, our organisation, our services and the injection moulding machine product range.

STORK S+ injection moulding machine

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STORK at the K2013
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Stork Plastics Machinery B.V. has it's own philosophy and strategy. This results in innovative injection moulding machine designs which differ from any other manufacturer. Our machines are leading in speed , reliability, and low energy consumption. Stork started with a licence from the Reed corp. USA. Over the years Stork has introduced the following machine ranges: TD, TDS, ST, SX, SXS. Currently Stork delivers the STORK N and STORK S+ series. Stork Plastics Machinery is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This ensures the highest quality standards, a constant and high quality in design and service organisation. Stork excells in cooperation. Companies like Van den Velde Engineering, Loomans Plastics, Van den Brink, Suhling, Ronetic, Pierik, Wittmann, Reis, can verify this. Customers like Polimoon, Jokey, Schoeller Arcor Systems, Superfos, Vadeal, Didak, HK, Dijkstra Plastics, Thrace have experienced this. Stork Plastics Machinery can deliver machines in the following clamping forces: 75 ton, 100 ton, 110 ton, 120 ton, 125 ton, 130 ton, 140 ton, 150 ton, 160 ton, 170 ton, 175 ton, 180 ton, 190 ton, 200 ton, 250 ton, 300 ton, 330 ton, 350 ton, 400 ton, 440 ton, 450 ton, 500 ton, 550 ton, 600 ton, 650 ton, 660 ton, 700 ton, 750 ton, 800 ton, 900 ton, 1000 ton, 1100 ton, 1200 ton, 1300 ton, 1400 ton, 1500 ton, 1600 ton, 1700 ton, 1800 ton, 1900 ton, 2000 ton, 2200 ton, 2400 ton, 2800 ton, 3000 ton.